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Nicholas Brandt

Los Angeles, California
If I say "That's a fantastic question..." I'm stalling and I don't immediately know the answer.
The term "nice" tends to evoke a long rant, avoid if at all possible.
I am not a pessimist. Cheer up, Emo Kid!
(Apparently, I'm an awful liar.)
I still get upset over my parents at random times.
I want to go on a cruise.
I think I've run out of things I actually want to sing at karaoke so I'm open to requests.
I cannot tolerate people talking during small venue music shows.
I'm attempting self-improvement... we'll see how that goes.
I'm often hyperbolic.
I'd rather drink unsweetened ice tea than any artificially sweetened beverage.
231 comes from my script ONLY A GAME and it's my official favorite number.
I have an unhealthy fixation on my script ONLY A GAME that I will someday need to get over.
I'm a Buffalo Sabres fan.
I'm a Buffalo Bills fan.
I'm a New York Mets fan.
(Being a New York Mets fan DOES NOT put me at odds with Red Sox fans.)
(Being a Bills fan DOES put me at odds with Pats fans.)
I'm impressed by smart and funny people.
I pride myself on being relatively smart and funny.