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5: Children\'s Films [clear filter]
Sunday, July 22


San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival - Program 1
Kids Travel Journeys
An all-new travel show for kids, with exciting and educational stops in different locations around the world. (D) (Global)
Made by Children!
The newest collection of short animation from around the world made by children, presented in partnership with the Varazdin Croatia Animation Festival. Films from Croatia, Slovakia, Ukraine, Russia, Japan, and beyond. (A) (Global)

Sunday July 22, 2018 10:00am - 11:30am
Room 9


San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival - Program 2
The Audition
Dani Bowman
Mindy is a young girl who wants to be a circus clown. She faces lots of obstacles, but she won't let anything stop her, including the sword-swallowing lizard Sandra, who is competing for the same position. Will Mindy get the spot, or will Sandra foil Mindy's plans? (A) (USA)
Squatch Out!
Madison Shafer
It’s not every day you meet a Sasquatch. (A) (USA)
The Family Blend!
Sebastian Foxworth
The latest from fan favorite Sebastian Foxworth continues the adventures of a funny family that relies on each other, even under comical pressure. (A) (USA)
Penny and the Vampire
Michael Robinson
Penny is unafraid of odd things and creepy creatures that would make most people shiver. She will not be interrupted on her quest for adventures. (A) (USA)
Santa’s World of Awesome
Jordan Deem
Be nice to Santa and he’ll be nice to you. (L) (USA)
Made for More
Pedro Solis Garcia
Maria’s school routine is interrupted by a special child’s arrival. (A) (Spain)
A Priori
Maite Schmidtt
To protect his books, Albert, the young librarian, must put his prejudice aside and make friends with a bat. (A) (Germany)
Reto a la Juventud
Julio Benito Cabrera
It’s okay to be wired in, but life without headphones isn’t so bad sometimes. (L) (Puerto Rico)
Sunny and Gerd in Spring Cleaning
DaCosta Bayley
Things go from zero to off the grid when Sunny finds himself in a tight spot and Gerd must rescue his little buddy. (A) (Canada)
The Melancholy Man
Samantha Smith
The world's saddest man meets the world's saddest woman. Things can only get better. (A) (USA)

Sunday July 22, 2018 11:30am - 1:30pm
Room 9


San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival - Program 3
Daisy Chain
Galvin Scott Davis
Kate Winslet narrates this beautiful anti-bullying story that follows Buttercup Bree and her tale of magical Daisy Chains. (A) (Australia)
Cross-Border Collaborative Film Project
Before You Type
High Tech High Chula Vista
Caras Conocidas
Instituto Altazor, Tijuana
The San Diego International Children’s Film Festival, with support from the U.S. Consulate General, Tijuana, B.C., created a cross-border collaborative film project this year, teaming students at High Tech High in Chula Vista with students at Instituto Altazor in Tijuana on stories supporting anti-bullying messages. The students were instructed by filmmaking teachers at Media Arts Center San Diego. We are proud to present these two short public-service films at Comic-Con International.
Instructors: Alexandra Wessler, Diego I. Alvarez Flores; Students: Circe Cota Castro, Daniela Sandoval Argüelles, Arturo Efren Robles Dominguez, Diego Cossio García, Rodolfo Adrian Burgueno Campos, Karolina Lozoya Ramirez, Ivan Cossio García, Carla Gutierrez, Brandon Dean, Thalia Peralta, Lorena Moulton, Alexandra Molina, Ambahr Morales-Cuevas, Sammy Ángel Sánchez, Luis Fernando Rodriguez Morales, Danzi Darnela Martir Mondaca, Amalia López Marcial 
68 Voces
A new initiative from Mexico’s government, Fund for the Culture and Arts, seeks to elevate Mexico’s 68 indigenous languages by preserving their myths, legends, poems and stories in the form of beautifully animated short films. The films cover the languages of Huasteco, Maya, Mixteco, Nahuatl, Totonaco, Yaqui, and Zapoteco. Each film deploys different designers to give powerful expression to the wisdom contained in these indigenous languages. The films are:
El primer amanacer
(A) (Mexico)
Muere mi Rosto
(A) (Mexico)
El Origin de los celos
(A) (Mexico)
Cuando Muere una Lengua
(A) (Mexico)
El origen de la tierra
(A) (Mexico)
Erin Shea
Science meets animation in this wondrous visual journey. (A) (USA)
In the Depth
Lilith Jorg
A flowing river offers some fantastic finds on its surface, including some seemingly magical tools. (A) (Germany)
Zanyar Lotfi
A young girl is trying to do her homework. Her grandfather is asleep on the couch, snoring loudly. Is there a solution? (L) (Iran)
Han Zhang
A grandfather and his grandson furnish an entire coastal town with starlight. (A) (USA)
I Am Not a Mouse
Evgenia Golubeva
A little girl’s mother keeps calling her “my little mouse.” That would be fine, except every time her mom calls her that, the girl turns into, you know, a mouse. (A) (United Kingdom)
Burn Out
Cecilia Carre
Stella, a space mechanic, ends up on a deserted planet. A little girl appears out of nowhere to help. (A) (USA/France)
Rosso Papavero
Martin Smatana
One starry night, a boy’s circus dreams come true. (A) (Slovakia)
Leave A Print
Christina S. Nerland
A family of arctic foxes learns to cope with the fact that one of them is fading away. A story about losing and remembering. (A) (United Kingdom)
Fox Tale
Doosun Shin
A fox who enjoys showing off his bushy tale learns the value of modesty. (A) (USA)

Sunday July 22, 2018 1:30pm - 3:00pm
Room 9


San Diego Int'l Children's Film Festival - Program 4
The Wishing Well
Rod Maxwell
One woman's quest for love takes her to a wishing well. An all-time festival favorite. Directed by and starring Rod Maxwell, star of the Syfy Channel series Face Off. (L/A) (USA)
Best of the Festival
A string of favorites from the last 15 years of the festival to round out the day! (A/L/D) (Global)

Sunday July 22, 2018 3:00pm - 5:00pm
Room 9